Murder Mystery Midlands What we do.

Murder Mystery Midlands can provide their murder mystery events at any location across the midlands.

How a murder mystery evening works.

A   team of trained actors play the suspects and you are the investigators.
You are greeted by these actors who will remain in character for the whole evening. So it is game on from the moment you arrive. eavesdrop conversations and keep your eyes peeled as not everyone is what they appear
When the crime occurs you will interrogate the suspects and gather any physical clues. There are generally two or three sub plots running. Are the suspects telling the truth? If not is it because they are involved in the murder or some other dark secret? Its over to you to decide. Detective notes are supplied and at the end of the evening you will submit your conclusions. Prize certificates are given for the correct answers and the silliest.

How a weekend works

Weekends are mostly 2 night half or full board packages and have trained actors as described above.
However on a weekend things are a little bit more mysterious, just who are the actors and who are the guests?
When the crime happens join the detectives in the incident room to examine preliminary evidence, make statements and maybe even be fingerprinted.
Investigations continue over dinner and then retire to bed but beware of things that go bump in the night.
The following morning after breakfast meet the Detectives in the incident room once more to review the case and catch up with overnight developments. Then search for evidence in a clue hunt until lunch after which you have the afternoon free.
Investigations recommence after dinner with interrogation of the suspects and in due course the killer is revealed. Prize certificates are issued as with an evening event.