Murder mystery plots for the midlands

Join Gangsters in a speakeasy, mix with explorers at the adventurers club in the 1930's, meet the elite in the Gatsby era or join the plucky wartime servicemen and women during WWII.

We have over 40 plots available. Below are a few of the most popular.

The Mystery of Knottley End

Judge Winstone Corbett is retiring under something of a cloud.

He is selling his family home of Knottley End and moving far away.

Just why is the judge retiring, who will purchase Knottley End and where is Mary Chandler?

Find the answers and discover a bloody murder in The Mystery of Knottley End.

The Curse of the mummies tomb


Dr. Bernard Johnstone will be revealing startling new evidence concerning the tomb of the Pharoah Naffertiti. The tomb was originally discovered by Sir John Dawson and Dr. Johnstone’s father, Joseph who unfortunately died In tragic circumstances on the original dig.

Rumour at the time blamed the death on the curse of Naffertiti, laid by the cult of Sham - Boleck against the family of any who desecrate the tomb of the Pharaoh.

Doubt has been cast on the validity of this curse as neither Bernard Johnstone or his son William have come to any harm to date.


Bernard has received death threats referring to the ancient curse, since the announcement of the new scientific discoveries.

Will all go to plan?


 On a Wing and a Prayer


Lancaster Bomber pilot Andy Deacon is to be awarded the DFC for returning his aircraft after the rest of his crew baled out over France. You are invited along with aircrew and locals to a celebration of the award.

Tensions are however running high as the bomber station is being taken over by the Americans. Some say over paid, over sexed and over here. With a blind eye being turned towards Black marketeers to ensure a good supply of food and drink, let's hope for a peaceful event.

The case of the speckled Egg

Film star Marion Martlett is looking for backers for her latest film venture and has called this evenings party.

Attending are various well known and wealthy guests.

The Police are in attendance to provide security. This seems like an easy task after failing to protect the famous 'Speckled Egg' which was stolen from Barnsworth Bank.

Much to the Detectives dismay Mrs Barnsworth is at this evenings event.

The Jenkyns Revelation

You are invited by Prof. William Jenkyns the world renowned Arthurian expert to hear his latest views upon the Arthurian legends and particularly his claim to know the last resting place of the famed Excalibur.

The secret society known as the Sons of Uther have published a letter in the Times newspaper claiming ownership of Excalibur if it is found - a claim hotly contested by the Professor.

In addition the Professor who is known to be in failing health has called together members of his family to discuss his will.


Keep your eyes and ears open at all times and look out for any suspicious characters - The Sons of Uther may be amongst us, but how do we know who they are?

(your guests may secretly become members of the Sons of Uther prior to the event!).