Midlands Corporate Murder mystery


corporate_murder_mystery_5A corporate event can be either half day, full day or evening event.                             

Dinner or evening event.

A team of professional actors play the suspects and host you through an evening of Intrigue and fun.

Detective notes, Prize certificates and everything you need to solve the crime supplied.

Duration is around 3 hours.

Full or half day corporate murder mystery event.

A typical day event would see your team meet for a Tea and biscuits reception and then be briefed by the lead investigator on the crime details to date.

During the morning your team will visit the scene of the crime and carry out fingertip search, gather evidence and interview suspects.

Lunch is a chance to relax the little grey cells with your colleagues.

The afternoon is spent further interviewing suspects, fingerprinting, and assembling your solution to the crime.

Are the suspects lying because they are a killer or some other dark secret? can your team unravel the plot?

This event can be linked to Myres Briggs, Belgin or SDI analysis and results if required.